Wise Calculator    Pavel Mikhailovsky, 2000-2002               RUSSIAN

Download Wise Calculator v5.0 (590 kb)

Wise Calculator is professional computational software


  • Wise Calculator is a FREEWARE !
  • Complex, matrix and boolean arithmetic
  • Over 160 built-in functions, incl. special, statistical and finance 
  • User defined functions and variables
  • Integration and differentiation, evaluation of the limits, roots and extremums
  • Curve plotting (Y(x), X(y), polar and parametric curves)
  • Library of the physical constants
  • Molar mass calculator 
  • Unit conversion utility
  • Eight number formats incl. fraction, degree, binary, octal and hexadecimal

New in v5.0:

  • New GUI
  • Advanced graphing features
  • New functions added
  • Cauchy problem solving.

Wise Calculator got awards: